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Dental X-Rays

 Dental X-Rays are a safe way for dental experts to look at all your teeth and determine the overall health and condition of your teeth. Dental X-Rays over the years have been constantly improving and are eliminating the use of radiation during these X-Ray processes. Due to emerging technology, dental experts are now able to target a specific part of the mouth during each scan.

Types of X-Rays:

  • Bitewing X-Rays are the most commonly used X-rays and are the standard X-Rays dentists take. These X-Rays capture both the upper and lower back teeth that are above the gum line in one single shot.
  • Full Mouth Series are very self explanatory. This X-Ray is a full capture of all your teeth and the bones that surround them. This type of X-Ray is not very common to conduct during each visit, but it is very common for new patients to have this X-Ray done because it allows dental experts to get a baseline about their new patients and create an appropriate care plan.
  • Panorex is an X-Ray that takes a panorama photo of all your teeth and your jaws. This type of X-Ray is able to capture impacted and other hidden teeth, as well as all the teeth that are visible. This X-Ray is conducted by a swiveling machine that rotates around the clients head to complete the panoramic photo. 
  • Periapical X-Rays are used to view the root of a tooth that has a problem or can take a picture of an area that is of concern. This type of X-Ray is able to show the root of a tooth all the way to the crown of the tooth. 


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