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Wisdom Teeth Pain - Impacted Wisdom Teeth Wisdom Teeth

Pain from Wisdom Teeth is perhaps one of the most troublesome oral health issues for young adults and adults. Starting in your late teens or early 20’s wisdom teeth will begin to erupt and may become infected resulting in extreme pain.

When Wisdom Teeth become impacted the pain can be so severe that it interrupts your daily life. Although it is possible to detect impacted wisdom teeth via regular checkups and x-rays many people don’t realize there’s a problem until pain interrupts their life.

3 Signs you may have Impacted Wisdom Teeth:

  1. Pain and/or swelling in the mouth or jaw
  2. Swollen Gums, tender, red or bleeding gums
  3. Bad taste in the mouth or bad breath

Pain: Impaction of wisdom teeth can cause severe pain and tension in your mouth. Because they are located at the rear in the back of the jaw bone wisdom teeth can affect other areas as well. Pain can be severe and wisdom teeth impaction can also cause headaches, jaw aches, tender/swollen glands, pain and difficulty opening your mouth, earaches and facial pain.

Swollen Gums: It’s natural for people to experience swollen gums when teeth break through the surface however due to the location of wisdom teeth swelling can also occur in other areas. This includes the face, neck, sinuses, shoulder and the entire jaw area. Gums can also become quite red and tender and may even bleed.

Bad Taste: When Wisdom Teeth are impacted they are hard if not impossible to clean. Tiny openings in the gum allow for debris to be deposited bacteria to develop. A sign this may be happening to can be when food tastes off, a bad smelling breath that does not go away and a constant bad taste in the mouth.



I removed my wisdom teeth yesterday as they were bothering me so much. I was expecting lots of swelling and pain but he made the whole process so painless and quick and all my wisdom teeth were extracted so professionally! They are healing so fast (no swelling no pain) and it was one of my best visits to the dentist! 
J. Kim  
July 2017

*Public review from our Google reviews


Wisdome Teeth X-Ray - Removal of Wisdome Teeth

Impacted Wisdom Teeth can be painful to experience but DON'T have to be painful to remove. Dr's Jaspreet and Rhavinder work as a team to ensure all of our patients experience the most comfortable experience possible.

Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Painful?

The quick answer is Wisdom Tooth (teeth) removal does NOT need to be a painful procedure.  While the pain of Impacted Wisdom Teeth is no doubt terrible we are fully capable of removing this pain while also ensuring your Wisdom Tooth (teeth) removal is pain free.  Dr's Jaspreet and Rhavinder are both exceptional dentists able to provide pain-free Wisdom Tooth Removal. 

Sensitivity and Compassion:  We know that for many people visiting the dentist is already a stressful experience.  Add in the prospect of removing Wisdom Teeth and the process becomes even more overwhelming.  Trust that both Dr. Jaspreet and Dr. Rhavinder understand the stress involved with Wisdom Teeth removal and will ensure your comfort throughout the entire process.  We're here to ensure your comfort.