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Alpha Dental Care in Milton provides Pediatric (kid's and children's) dental care for both new and existing residents in Milton. Our office is located on Bronte St. and has ample parking for families looking for kid's dentist in Milton.  Dr's Jaspreet and Ravinder Bhamra are proud to provide pediatric dentistry that is kind, caring and gentle.  Our office is pleasant, our staff is exceptionally friendly and we have an entire room dedicated for children where they may play while waiting!

Where to Start?  When Should My Child First see a Pediatric Dentist?

Many parents are unsure as to what they need to do to plan their child's first visit to a dentist. Generally though a child should see a dentist at about six months of ago or just after the eruption of the first tooth.  This is an excellent way to learn about how to properly take care of children's teeth, identify any potential future problems and ensure future oral health.  *Note: although baby teeth do eventually fall our these "baby teeth" are essential in creating the environment for the formation of health adult teeth.  

The children’s dentists at Alpha Dental Care in Milton know how important primary teeth are and understand how anxious kids can be during their visits to the dentist. Our dentists will do their best to make your child feel safe and relaxed. 

At Alpha Dental Care first visit is usually short and involves building relationship between your child and your dentist. Parents can sit in the room if they wish to or they can wait in the reception area during the part of the visit. Your child’s first dental visit also involves gentle exam of teeth and gums. Depending on the age of your child on the first visit X-rays may be taken to check the extent of the decay and how the permanent teeth are erupting with respect to the eruption pattern. We may clean your child’s teeth and apply fluoride in case it is necessary. Most importantly we will review with you how to clean your child’s teeth.

Tips for your first visit

  • Talk to your child about your dentist and how it’s going to be.
  • Read a book with them about dental visit.
  • Talk about how the visit will be like.

What to expect during first visit:

  • Examination of teeth, mouth, gums.
  • Diagnose/evaluate any adverse habits like thumb sucking.
  • Showing/teaching your child how to clean teeth.


Much of what we do for you and your child when they visit our office is education.  For example, going to bed with a bottle can bring to cavities as bottle with juice creates ideal conditions for bacteria. In addition, other sugary food such as candy sucked for a long time will have the same effect. Teeth should not be exposed to sugars long. Food, bacteria, saliva, acid are combined and make a substance called plaque. It has a destructive force. It sticks to the tooth, and acids start eating the enamel with time.  This advice along with much more will be shared with you to help maintain optimal oral health. 

Alpha Dental Care is currently accepting new patients.  If you're looking for a children's dentist in Milton we'll be sure to ensure a safe, comfortable visit. Contact our office if you are new to Milton or are looking for a new children's dentist in Milton.  To reach us:

  • Call our office at 905-876-0200
  • Fill our the form on our Contact Us page.
  • Stop by our office at 327 Bronte St. South to make your first appointment.


Finding the right children's dentist isn't easy.  Milton seems almost saturated with new dentists in the past 10 years and finding one that best suites your family's needs is very important.  We know that all Milton dentists are trained to provide dental care so what's the difference?   Why should you choose Alpha Dental?


Customer service is paramount to how we run our business.  We want to ensure that all clients are happy and know that we truly care.  If there is ever an issue we will always ensure that you leave happy and comfortable.

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The staff at Alpha Dental Care are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, caring and ensure that all patients are happy and healthy.  As a Milton Dentist Office we know our growing town needs dentists that are able to serve the needs of new families in their search for the best Milton Dentist.  If you're new to Milton or simply looking for a new local dental office give us a call at 905-876-0200 or email

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