Dental Emergencies happen and often at the most inconvenient of times.  Whether your emergency is from your child falling off their bike or is resulting from an infection that needs immediate attention Alpha Dental Care provides emergency care.  If you are in need of emergency dental care call us and we'll bring you into our office immediately for consultation and treatment.  As an office providing emergency dental work we will be sure to make you, your spouse, your child or your loved one feel safe and secure and will provide you with efficient care.

*If you find yourself in an emergency dental situation in the middle of the night please contact Milton Hospital's Emergency department at 905-878-2383.  

In Milton we know that there are times when you'll need an emergency dentist.  Simply call our office at 905-876-0200 and we'll describe your emergency.  

Emergency Dentist in Milton

Emergency Dentist in Milton


Alpha Dental Care is located on Bronte. Street in Milton and provides exceptional emergency dental care for families, children and adults.  When an emergency arises time is of the essence and we know that tooth pain can be unbearable.  That's why we will do our utmost to get you into our office as soon as possible so that your pain can be alleviated.  


If you have a dental emergency please call us at 905-876-0200.